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Newark Public Schools Welcome Back to Live Classroom – CBS New York

NEWARK, NJ (CBSNewYork) – For the first time in more than a year, Newark schools Welcome back to the classroom.

CBS2’s John Dias has more on COVID Safety measures in place to keep students and staff safe.

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After more than a year of distance learning. all Newark public schools begin direct learning on Monday.

So how do students evaluate the first day back to direct study?

“Good,” said one.

“Good,” said another.

“It was awful,” said one kindergarten student. “Because kids, like getting up from a chair, not looking far away, and, like, a kid without a mask and all that.

Schools will operate on a hybrid model, with students spending two days in the classroom.

Nearly 500 students at First Avenue are registered. That’s about half the number of registrations. Most are looking to jump right into it.

“I will pay attention and do my homework,” said Geomaira Fiallos, a second grader.

“I want to stay at school to meet my friends,” Myle Granda said.


Entering school is a four-step process, which involves checking the temperature, and not only disinfecting the hands but also the bottom of the shoes with the so-called foot wash station.

Principal Rosa Branco said: “Stepping into a solution on the mop, make sure we’re getting rid of all the germs that get on the bottom of our shoes.

The county is scheduled to open in mid-January.

“The fact of the numbers and ratios is positive, doesn’t make it the safest experience,” said Roger Leon, Newark School District Superintendent.

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And the teacher union said the schools were not properly reserved.

“The PPE was not involved, even though it was ordered,” said John Abeigon, Newark teachers’ union president. Trade unions are currently stamping approval of the regulations.

The regulations include:

  • Masks must be worn at all times by all students and staff
  • Practice away from society
  • The water nozzle is turned off
  • Tables are set six feet apart, with clear three-sided bulkheads

Although the CDC recommends only three feet between desks, Newark classrooms are large enough to accommodate six feet of space.

“We love the CDC, and we trust the CDC, but the CDC isn’t in a classroom. Abeigon said.

He said this was a test run for what is expected to return in full in September.

The director general said they can withdraw some restrictions if they feel it is necessary.

School administrators say they have learned from big cities like New York, and reflect its regulations.

Mayor Ras Baraka said 2,000 school staff had received at least the first shot of one Covid preventive vaccine.

Less than 40% of parents decide to send their children back to school.

“They have air filters in every room, main office, gym… They have a separate room for kids who might have a fever and a separate room for kids they determine to be COVID positive. , ”Said Baraka.

In Essex County, New 334 COVID Cases have been reported, and nearly 158,000 people vaccinations.

Meanwhile, students in Westchester County The largest school district also returned to live school on Monday.

After months of studying far away, the students live Yonkers also Start a four-day direct school week. Parents and students still have the option to study entirely remotely, but have the option to return to the classroom.

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Also on Monday, the new guidelines will take effect in New York City to determine when schools should close because of Coronavirus cases. School will only be closed if four or more unrelated cases can be tracked back to school.



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