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News about Coronavirus in UK – UK has 77 cases of dreadful DOUBLE MUTANT strain in India that could dodge vaccines and kill more people

The owner of PFIZER’S has said that he thinks people may need a third dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

Albert Bourla, 59, says a potential booster will be given six to 12 months after someone has been fully vaccinated.

“There are polio-like vaccines that just one dose is enough … and there are flu-like vaccines you need every year,” he said.

“The Covid virus looks more like a flu virus than a polio virus.”

His remarks came as concerns about the new variants rose after 77 cases of the Indian race were discovered in the UK.

73 in England and 4 in Wales.

And a new study found that the risk of cerebral clots following the AstraZeneca vaccine was 5 parts per million and 4 parts per million after the Pfizer or Moderna’s vaccination.

For people with Covid the risk is close to 40 per million.

Researchers at Oxford – the same university that created the AstraZeneca vaccine – said that after a coronavirus infection or injection, the risk of a blood clot in the brain two weeks later is extremely rare.

But comparing the two, they say the risk is “substantially higher and significantly higher” after Covid – which is largely avoidable with vaccines.

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