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NFL reporter Peter King called Carson Wentz out, saying he was ‘overpowered’ by QB’s behavior in the Eagles exit – CBS New York

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Carson Wentz Era with the Philadelphia Eagles ended badly earlier this season as the team traded the man they hope will be their QB franchising to the Indianapolis Colts for picks draft. Before the trade, there was a lot of discussion about who should be held accountable over whether Wentz went from the franchise midfielder to trading over a four-year period. For NBC Sports NFL reporter Peter King, the midfielder’s fault.

“I probably blame Carson Wentz for the Carson Wentz thing more than I blame the Eagles,” said King. Podcast Eagle Eye with Reuben Frank and Dave Zangaro. “I blame Carson Wentz more… .arson Wentz found that his team took a midfielder with the 53rd pick in the draft, and I think I’m probably the only one in the media to love the pick. Choose this one, because in my opinion, if you can’t be sure that Carson Wentz will play all year, you don’t want to have to rely on Nate Sudfeld to play six or eight games to put you in the knockout stages. You want a good backup midfielder who can play and win for you. “

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King points to the Hurts selection as something Wentz is ‘clearly a very negative reaction’ and compares the situation between Wentz and Hurts when Tom Brady was in Michigan and wants to move. After discussing with the coach at the time, Lloyd Carr, King noted that Brady remained in Michigan and fought for the job as opposed to how Wentz reacted when Jalen Hurts took over.

“Brady thought about that and he thought, ‘Okay, I’m also angry about where I am on the depth chart, I think he’s right. I will get this job. ‘Where is that in Carson Wentz? King said. “I like Carson Wentz. I don’t think he responded to this very well. “

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When asked whether the team would blame them for picking Hurts too early in the draft or if they would be justified in doing so, King said he was “puzzled” by Wentz’s reaction.

“To be honest, I was confused by Carson Wentz’s reaction,” “This is a big boys tournament. You must understand that the best part of ability is availability, and if you are not there or may not be there, the team must buy insurance if you are not there. I believe – and one of the reasons why I think Jalen Hurts is such a good choice – that the backup midfielder is one of the most important people on your team. Because you should make sure that if your starting midfielder gets injured, your season is not over. “

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It has been a case that the team certainly didn’t help Wentz either. After the Super Bowl, the organization continued to rely on a traumatized aging core of each of the last three and missed out on their many draft options, creating a tough situation for any. defender. For King, however, the bigger problem was Wentz’s reaction to the competition brought in in the form of Jalen Hurts. Right now, Wentz is in Indianapolis and Eagles hold their 12th overall pick in the draft this month on the assumption that Hurts will be the starter this fall.



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