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No Cost Prescription Coupons Now Available to Everyone in the US even those with Insurance – Press Releases

Founded in 2008, PrescriptionCard.org quickly became one of the leading national resources helping consumers reduce the cost of prescription drugs for free!

It’s no secret that healthcare costs are on the rise! In today’s trying and uncertain times, it is often a struggle to afford the prescriptions needed to live your best and healthiest life. For those without health insurance, you are probably finding that cash prices for medications are taking up way too much of your budget. For those with health insurance, you may still find yourself paying too much out of pocket or experiencing rising co-pays.

Previously, your only option was to just pay the cost given by your pharmacy or health insurance. Or, if you couldn’t afford the cost, you may have just had to go without. The good news is that prescription savings are available immediately with absolutely no strings or costs attached!

PrescriptionCard.org is a FREE prescription discount card that is available to everyone, no matter age, current health, or insurance status. On average, our card provides savings up to 85% on generic and up to 20% on brand name prescriptions. Once you get your free card via text or mail, simply show it to your pharmacy so they can activate your savings. It’s really as simple as using a coupon at the grocery store!

Our program offers substantial savings for those with and without insurance. Often, our insured customers find that the PrescriptionCard.org discounted price is even lower than their copay. No matter your status, you can expect the same savings price as everyone else using our card.

The PrescriptionCard.org savings card is accepted at over 56,000 pharmacies across the US and Puerto Rico. This means you most likely have at least one participating pharmacy in your town! Other benefits include that your card will never expire and one card can be used for all your family and friends since we don’t require any personal information to activate the savings.

Savings can vary across participating pharmacies. To help easily find the best price, we offer an online price search so you don’t even have to leave your home or pick up a phone to price check amongst your local pharmacies. This tool lets you see savings on your prescriptions before ever stepping up to the counter.

With PrescriptionCard.org, you can experience no copays, hidden fees, or any other stipulations that you find with health insurance or other savings programs. You have a savings card for your groceries, department store, and even your gas. So why not one for your prescriptions? PrescriptionCard.org is here to help! Visit www.PrescriptionCard.org to see how much you can save and start saving today!

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