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No more out of stock, but you can still find some great deals on used rental cars

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Will a good old rental car be another victim of the pandemic?

Car rental companies, which regularly renew their fleets, have long been a reliable source of used cars at reasonable prices for knowledgeable people. However, the tightening of used car inventories across the country is causing the prices of many used rental cars to rise higher than you can pay at a traditional dealer.

While car rental prices plummeted at the start of the pandemic, companies like Hertz

According to an analysis done for NerdWallet of iSeeCars.com, a used car listing website for NerdWallet, prices have risen again and are now 4% higher.

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Even though prices have gone up, you can still get a good deal on certain products and models. And still many advantages of purchase used car rental market. It is primarily a source of used late-life cars, usually only 1 year old, well maintained, said Jeff Rose, a spokesman for Avis Car Sales.

Here are things to consider if you’re looking to buy a rental car before.

Advantages of buying an old rental house

“If you just want to save money by renting a car, it won’t offer the same great deals as before,” said Karl Brauer, executive analyst at iSeeCars.com. “But if you like the other options that a rental batch offers, that might still be a good choice.”

There is still some bargain

If you’re buying a sedan or economy class car, rental sales can still save you some money. While the prices of used cars have generally gone up, Rose said the cars on the Avis’

lots are typically $ 2,500 below the Kelley Blue Book price. Furthermore, he says that Avis cars are usually 1 year old.

The iSeeCars report found some bargains: Nissan
+ 0.48%

The Versa Note and Chevrolet Camaro currently sold by car dealerships are both 6% below the market. And you might get lucky with other vehicle sizes too: the popular Jeep Wrangler can be purchased at car rental spots for a savings of 4.5%, or $ 717, according to iSeeCars.

Low pressure

Most rental car dealers offer non-bargain prices, making shopping less stressful. However, if you do have a desire to negotiate And if you want to go back and forth for a few hours in an old car park, you can save more money at a traditional dealer, suggests Brauer.

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Check before sales

You should have your mechanic check any car you want to buy. But you may feel that the certification process by the rental agent is sufficient. They employ certified technicians and conduct multi-point inspections before they go to market.

Warranty included

If you buy a rental car that is less than 3 years old, the restraint kit factory warranty will remain in effect. Additionally, large car rental sales lots, such as the Avis, include a limited powertrain warranty, roadside assistance, and other perks.

Extended test drive

At some car dealerships like Avis and Hertz, you can rent a car for a few days and, if you like, complete the sale at home. Brauer adds this time to rate the car – park it in your garage, haul your belongings, test your family’s enthusiasm – “is a pretty compelling reason to buy the door. car rental sales. “

Choose the right option

Vehicles purchased by rental car dealerships were once known as “strippers,” because they have fewer safe and luxury options. But Brauer says many desirable features are now standard on many cars. This even means some advanced safety features – such as smart cruise control and blind spot detection – will be included on the rental car.

But what about wear and tear?

Let’s tackle the biggest “problem” perhaps on everyone’s mind: rental cars were defeated by a parade of genuine drivers. Jeremy Clarkson, former “Top Gear” TV host, maintained this assumption by renting a Toyota.
+ 1.09%

The Corolla entered a long-distance race because – as a lender – he could take the car “at the maximum.”

But while most tenants don’t have to rent a car, they often worry about being billed for the damage. Most rental agents adhere to service schedules with oil changes and tire changes on time, said David Bennett, director of repair systems at AAA.

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In fact, any used car can have a controlled past. But car rental companies seem to be aware of these concerns about the extent of the car’s health and try to offset them.

Tips to buy a rental car
  • While the salespeople are low and the prices are fixed, get ready for discounts like extended warranties and upfront maintenance plans.

  • While lots of rental cars offer no bargain prices, check out price guides like the Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds to see if it’s really a good price.

  • Compare rental car prices with used cars being sold by traditional dealers. It’s easy to research a large area using the AutoTrader online advertising site.

  • Request service records and copies of pre-purchase inspection reports.

  • Guaranteed received Vehicle history reportusually provided free of charge by car rental plots.

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