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‘No one wants to work anymore’

Like this McDonald’s in the US, many restaurants and other businesses are short of staff and speculation that it is due to the financial support from the US government.

April 13, 2021

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A TikTok The video went viral on social media for a show McDonald’s ‘mythical’ apology for the lack of staff. The restaurant , somewhere in the United States, hung a sign saying that ‘nobody wants to work anymore’ , and hundreds of Internet users expressed their solidarity.

User Brittany Logan posted a trailer, placed next to her horn driving service . Inside, McDonald’s We apologize to customers for not having enough workers.

“We are short of personnel. Be patient with the staff who show up. No one wants to work anymore ” , read controversial signs.

Tiktoker is called McDonald’s “wild” in the post last weekend. As of today, the original video has surpassed 1.1 million views and reached nearly 74 thousand likes.

@ brittanyjade903

Y’all, our McDonald’s is AF barbaric

Oh No No No – Music Falcon

The clip also adds over 960 comments, some of which indicate that lack of workers has become a common problem in “every restaurant” in U.S.A.

Based on local average Many restaurants are struggling to To rent Employees now that businesses and operations are being reactivated following pandemic restrictions.

“The number of incoming customers has gone back to pre-COVID numbers, so people will come back, but we don’t have all the employees need to do to service them,” said a business owner in Tampa, Florida.

The owner of a store in Memphis, Tennessee, said she had to close her business until she found someone willing to work.

“They are taking advantage of stimulus (given by the government), tax credits, (checks for) long-term unemployment and they want to accept those benefits instead of going back.” work “, the owner of the restaurant said to one local channel .



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