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No Tav blitz, rockets and rocks against the police – Chronicles

There was no Tav attack on the construction site of the new San Didero automated zone, in the Susa Valley. Hundreds of protesters were launching rockets, rocks and other blunt objects from the railroads at police, who were responding with tear gas. This was announced by the Turin Police Headquarters.

The attack on the San Didero construction site, the scene of clashes that have occurred in recent days, at the end of a day of protest protests against the construction of a new autopilot, a building connected to Turin-Lyon, in the afternoon, saw a parade through the streets of Val di Susa a peaceful march, in which – according to the organizers – about 3 thousand people took part. In Bruzolo, a group of about thirty, hooded men, exited the procession and pulled a steel cable about the size of a man on the A32 Turin-Bardonecchia highway. The police immediately cleared the way, blocking traffic and Sitaf, the company that manages the highway, removed the barricade. In the dark the attack on the site with paper bombs, firecrackers, fireworks and stones against the police guarding the fenced area.


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