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Nord Stream-2: Why not set up a Navalny tax?

The nearly complete Nord Stream-2 pipeline may not be the perfect storm, but it does give Washington and Berlin a terrible list of options.

There have been numerous articles on the near-death impact on the United States approaching European allies if the Biden Administration does what it believes is necessary to prevent the rush project from being completed, all with the aim of reducing Europe’s reliance on Russian natural gas supplies and the potential “weaponization of energy” that this project assigns to Moscow.

As the project was nearing completion, several ideas were thrown around that had nothing to do with preventing it from freezing and the subsequent shipwreck.

What if guarantees can be made so that countries currently receiving shipping charges for Russian gas shipments will receive similar payments in the future, regardless of the amount of gas How much is redirected via Nord Stream-2?

On top of that, real work is for lawyers and diplomats.

Another idea that might come true with the first is a special tax – we in New Europe are calling it the “Navalny Tax”, which refers to political prisoners and the leader of the anti-Putin opposition. Russia, Alexey Navalny – on all gas offered via Nord Stream-2. One goal is to make the Nord Stream-2 less competitive than older pipes.

A second but important goal will be to support democratization projects in and around the former Soviet Union. A US-EU organization with exactly that focus could be established and at least partially funded with the proceeds of the Navalny tax.

Again, more work for lawyers and diplomats.



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