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Murphy Brown Moon Shadow has a beautiful story of perseverance, community, inspiration and love, ”said Carla Naden, founder of Animal Synergy – a rescue, rehabilitation and sanctuary organization for animals. has special needs in Vista, California, wrote to me when I asked to share the puppy’s story, which started us in January 2020.

Rebekah Snyder, the adoptive father of MBMS said: “The short version is a dog noticed by a rescuer (Virginia Ramirez Wright) in Mexico, it is paralyzed and dragged everywhere. “The locals know about her; She is said to be in this state for several months. The rescuer was horrified with her condition and took her to the vet and asked for help on Facebook.

Rebekah followed the dog’s story on Facebook, raising money to help her with medical care for 6 weeks. When a rescue organization in Malibu, California, agreed to bring her in, Rebekah drove her there from Baja California, Mexico. The rescuer had no experience taking care of a paralyzed dog, but Rebekah did. “I have raised paralyzed dogs before and know that it will be a long journey as it is still fighting heavy wounds, infections, will need a chair, gain weight, physical therapy, etc. ”

Strong, sassy, ​​smart – Murphy Brown Moon Shadow deserves two names (and Candice Bergen). Moonshadow is from Yusuf / Cat Stevens’s upbeat song.

Rescuers called her within 24 hours and asked her to come pick up the dog. Rebekah said, “She’s not my dog ​​- she’s not anyone’s dog – but now I feel a deep responsibility for her future and she won’t be disappointed again. . That’s when I called my veterinarian for a full evaluation of what I was looking at and started calling special needs rescuers.

Cue Carla Naden enters the life of Murphy Brown Moon Shadow. “She sees beauty beyond the rupture, the potential – not pain and a future for the forgotten,” Rebekah said. “Instead of seeing incontinence, Carla sees the world as Murphy Brown’s toilet. And now I too ”.

Because of Animal Synergy, MBMS now has an entire team standing behind her. “From health to behavior to nutrition, as Murphy Brown’s carer, I get“ compassionate counseling, which means every step of her care, she gets great support. , me too; Rebekah said. “Murphy Brown has gone from nobody’s dog, into people’s dog.”

Follow up with Murphy Brown Mood Shadow, at Animalynergy.org, @animalsynergy and @murphybrownmoonshadowlove.



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