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North Carolina: “Editors: Find ways to reduce voting, not limit it.”

WRAL’s editorial:

State Senator Paul Newton may have been trying to say a good game in Senate Election Commission speech Senate Bill 326, “The Elections Integrity Act” is nothing more than an attempt to “prevent… leaks around the edges of our system.”

But the numbers tell the story. The leak that he and fellow Republicans are concerned about has nothing to do with the integrity of the election but to everything related to helping GOP candidates.

Both nationally, and especially in North Carolina, voting in the 2020 elections is conducted fairly, openly and with few issues under the most difficult circumstances. The turnout rate – both in terms of total voters and the percentage of eligible voters – is the highest ever. Each properly voted ballot has been accurately collected and tally counted.

What happened in 2020 – especially based on the state results – should have left Republicans nothing to complain about. But there is clear concern that mail ballots are not tilted far enough towards the GOP.

The vote-by-mail vote rate of all ballots soared to 18%. The part related to the pandemic but is also more convenient for many voters.



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