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Northern Ireland’s leaders met in an effort to end the worst violence in years

Representatives from all political parties in Northern Ireland held a video meeting on Friday with UK Northern Ireland Minister Brandon Lewis, in one try to find a way the end of a week’s riots and fights between gangs from loyal and nationalist communities in Belfast.

  • White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Thursday that the United States is “concerned” about the new violence and reiterates President Joe Biden’s steadfast support “for a secure and prosperous Northern Ireland, in which all communities have a voice and a bottom line. enjoy the fruits of hard-earned peace ”.

  • After years of peace between the two communities brought about by the 1998 Good Friday agreement, tensions have flared up again in recent months following Brexit and the creation of a de facto border between Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland. left of Great Britain, to avoid building one between the two Irelands.

  • The Democratic Union Party, which shares power in Northern Ireland with the nationalist Sinn Féin, has been campaigning over the past few months for the UK to oppose the Brexit Protocol on Ireland that Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed with the European Union in December of last year.

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Prospects: Economic and trade tensions created by the UK’s withdrawal from the European single market, while Northern Ireland remains in it, has raised concerns among loyalists that the region is gradually leaving the UK. Bigger problem for London.

From archived documents (September 2020): Biden to Brexit UK: There is no trade deal with the US if you mess with Ireland



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