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Not fear! This Sunday they will be testing the C5’s speakers and this will be heard

Not fear. The speakers will play to determine which is not working properly.

April 9, 2021

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This article is translated from us Spanish edition using AI technology. Errors can persist due to this process.

Not fear! The Mexican City Government reported that on Sunday, April 11, at 11 a.m., they would check 12,825 loudspeakers and broadcast a message.

This is to ensure that the speaker works properly in the event of an emergency. Therefore, the authorities requested to report unusual things such as:

  • Sound is not reproduced
  • That is not being heard clearly
  • That volume is not enough

How do I report speakers?

Mexico City recommends identifying a speaker ID, this is written on each post. If you don’t have this number, you’ll need to provide detailed location: street and nearby corner.

Once you have this data, you can report it in the following ways:

  • Calling 911
  • Call Locatel: 55 5658 1111
  • Via website: atencionciudadana.cdmx.gob.mx
  • inside Social Network CDMX Government

The sound will only play once, so be alert and don’t panic. Additionally, this will be the announcement to be released:

“This is an acoustic test of the speakers in Mexico City. We appreciate your assistance in reporting any bugs to 911 ”.

To clarify, this test is not a drill.



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