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Now the truth about Floyd, the jury makes a verdict – World

The jury was called to rule on Derek Chauvin because the death of George Floyd gave a ruling. This has been reported in the US press, emphasizing that the verdict will be announced in a few hours, from 15:30 to 16:00 in Minneapolis. Hundreds of people gathered in front of the Minneapolis court. Many protesters waved off the tallest Black Lives Matter and warning signs in the entire city.

The jurors, secluded in a Minneapolis hotel, gathered on a second day in the board room and now the truth about the death of the 46-year-old African American, who became a symbol of the Black movement The Lives Matter is coming. In some US cities, residents wait for street events and are willing to react if the jury’s decision, half white and half African-American, doesn’t punish former policeman Derek Chauvin. exemplary way.

The White House now fears for the worst, an unprecedented wave of protests that could lead to a nationwide uprising. So much so that President Joe Biden, in a completely unusual move, went further when talking about “overwhelming evidence” that emerged from the trial, words coming out while jurors were rallying and could cause controversy. “I pray for a verdict that is a fair one,” the President wished, inviting protesters and the African-American community to calm down and explain how Floyd family members also pray. urgent “peace and quiet”, regardless of the jury’s decision. And to ease the stress, Biden also called the Floyd family. “The president knows the feeling of losing a family member,” said Philonise Floyd, George’s brother.

Minneapolis during these hours is practically a barrel ready to explode. And the words of Democrat Maxime Waters did not help reassure the spirits, who told the protesters, invited them to stay in the streets and not give up, to demand justice if it became necessary. . Words are called by Republicans to incite violence, and are also criticized by many Democrats, whereby such statements can be turned into boomerangs and used by former agent Chauvin to appeal to the jury’s guilty verdict.

There were three permanent crimes on Chauvin’s head: manslaughter fined up to 10 years in prison, to more severe second-degree murder, that is, unintentional, with punishments of up to 10 years. up to 40 years in prison. He was also charged with third degree murder for particularly dangerous acts committed with recklessness in disregard for human life, including sentences of up to 25 years in prison.



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