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Nuclear power and growth: Economy

Here’s my mindset: Nuclear waste is radioactive and requires a lot of regulation
The best possible alternative is natural gas, which is cheaper to build and more environmentally friendly than oil and coal.
Because the price of NatGas is falling, and building a generator with natural gas will be cheaper.
I wonder that instead of pouring a lot of money into renewable energy, people should invest in a NatGas generator, creating a solid foundation for a clean foundation and slowly adding renewables.
Instant carbon emissions reductions
Coal (anthracite) 228.6

Coal (bitumen) 205.7

Diesel fuel and heating oil 161.3

Gasoline (no ethanol) 157.2


Natural gas117.0


While the politicians claim to be greener, I see no value in building more solar, more wind, we can replace step by step by using using NatGas and adding Renewable.
Better budget, more efficient, and somewhat cleaner.
NatGas can replace Coal and Oil in the short term and Nuclear in the long run.
Sadly, we humans are more afraid to find cures than to prevent.
It’s just my thinking, feel free to any adjustments.



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