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Offset and Def in Cdm. Draghi on 26-27 in the Room of Recovery – Politics

Draghi meets the parties and prepares the sprint for the Restoration plan and Enterprise decree. The green light for the new budget variance, 40 billion, with Def’s consent, is on today’s CDM, convened at 2:30 p.m.

Another 40 billion, which will be put into the economy closely, to supply companies with oxygen and prepare for a reboot: the government is ready to demand a new gap of about two and a half points of GDP, to securing liquidity for other beverage companies – based on two months instead of just one – especially for those who have closed to curb infection – and to reduce some fixed costs, from Imu to rent, for the sectors most damaged by Covid emergency. The gap will also be used to fund structures that are excluded from Rehabilitation but will still be included in priority work over the next few years. This activity goes hand in hand with the preparation of Economic and Financial Documents, which will outline the macroeconomic framework for the next three years.

“The digitalization of the public administration is a central theme. Cooperation and working with territories will be very important and today has seen a wide range of activities well underway and now possible. to be more functional and supported with a full range of tools and resources “, Technology Innovation and Digital Transformation Minister Vittorio Colao said illustration of the guidelines on the digitization topic of the National Recovery and Recovery Plan for the Unified-Anci-Upi regions. During the exhibit, Colao emphasized how digital enables greater growth, productivity and integration and illustrates his department’s goals for the year 2026.


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