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Ohio man with semi-automatic rifle under house arrest at Times Square subway station – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) An Ohio man is facing charges after being discovered at A, C, E Times square subway station with a semi-automatic rifle.

18-year-old Saadiq Teague was found sitting on a bench near Times Square subway station turnstile around 12:30 p.m. Friday. Under his feet, understandably, was a rifle.

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He was accused of telling police that he had a license for it in Ohio and did not know it was illegal to bring it openly in New York City.

Teague was arrested without incident.

CBS2 was told that the gun itself was unladen when they found him, but he had ammo with him.

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A search of his belongings yields a complete and magazine cannabis supplies, including a “bubble mask”.

As reported by Andrea Grymes by CBS2, police sources said there was no indication that Teague was planning any attack or was part of any conspiracy. Police said he did not pose any threats.

This happened just over a month after Teague’s father, Andrew Teague, was killed in a gunfight with police in Columbus, Ohio.

Investigators there said they were initially trying to arrest Andrew Teague for a felony assault, but he drove away from the police.

Our CBS branch reports Andrew Teague drove the wrong way on the highway, crashed two vehicles directly, then engaged in a gunfight when he got out of the car.

As for his son, it is unclear when Saadiq Teague came to New York and why.

Teague is facing charges of owning a loaded gun, criminals possessing an assault rifle and possession of a clip. He is also facing charges of drug injection.

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CBS2’s Kevin Rincon contributed to this report.



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