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On Mondays, from Benigni to books and exhibitions, celebrating the Supreme Poet – SPECIAL DANTE – Books – Poetry

A special Monday, March 25, 2021, takes place in the year celebrating the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death. And a “very iconic event” announced by Culture Minister Dario Franceschini celebrates it: “Roberto Benigni is reading the canto about Comedy at Quirinale, in front of the President of the Republic will be broadcast live at 19h10 on channel Rai1.

“Monday, established in 2020 by the Council Chairman, will last forever because Dante’s reputation and world reputation will last forever. The Commemoration Committee has sponsored roughly. 100 initiatives and sponsor more 400 events.

“Dante – Minister Franceschini said – also taught us to be confident and I believe that this year we must really remember our last trip to Hell ‘and then we went out to see the stars again ‘“.

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