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On the newsstand: WOW Malaysia spring 2021

The first quarter of 2021 passed very quickly. We have entered Spring as new models appear and the plans and activities of watch brands are clearly announced to us and then to you. Stick with us and we’ll make sure you stay up to date quickly! While this is a traditional period when major watch fairs take place in Europe, this year has seen these major launches move entirely online to allow anyone. and everyone with a good internet connection can watch and participate safely from their own home.

We are observing some trends in the market to ensure that the watch industry is still doing well. Traditional brands are sticking to their tried and tested products and some are looking to bring more models from their illustrious past to be re-enacted. Of course, this has been a successful recipe in recent years. Interestingly, at the beginning of last year the outlook was pretty bleak for many, but fortunately things turned pretty quickly and most of them got back on track. In fact, the sales of some brands also far surpassed forecasts and expectations. And all of this is happening as people try to adhere to new standards while trying to implement newly created activities with new ideas. If that doesn’t reflect the watch industry’s resilience, then we’re not sure what will happen.

That said, events are slow but will definitely come back. High-end brands are aiming to reconnect directly with their customers again. After all, it is best to see and feel the watch with your own eyes. Sure, we’ll write more reports on them as the years pass to ensure that you gain first-hand knowledge of the activities in town.



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