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One in three workers is willing to quit if asked to return to the office, the study said

Although a significant number of workers are not willing to work in an office environment, they also do not like working full time from home.

April 9, 2021

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One of three would look for a new job if they were asked to return to the office full time, according to a recent study from a global HR company .

As more and more people globally are vaccinating against Covid-19, more and more companies are deciding when to reopen their offices. But many of the workers surveyed by Robert Half seem to have somewhat agreed with working from home.

About half of the respondents said they prefer hybrid offspring arrange where they will split their time between their home and corporate office. About 30% of workers said they wanted homemade full-time, while only 19% admitted that they wanted to work in an office full-time.

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Some people who are not committed to working full-time from home have expressed concerns about reduced productivity, loss of relationships with co-workers, and reduced likelihood of a promotion, the study noted.

“After more than a precarious year pandemic– Caused remote work, there is a growing desire in some David King, the president of Canada’s Robert Half district, said in a statement. the ideal work structure and that of their employees. “

The respondents to the company’s survey said that For employers to support them, they will provide a flexible work schedule, loosen dress code, pay travel expenses, provide a distraction-free workspace and cover work. take care of children.

“As we reimagine the future of work, now is the time for managers to engage in thoughtful discussions with their team to determine what they want and need most,” added King. “Establishing a return to work plan that prioritizes employee health and well-being and fosters a strong corporate culture can help strengthen retention and recruitment efforts.”



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