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One of the Most Inspiring Memoirs to Read in 2022: a Hummingbird’s Awakening by Russo Shanidze – Press Releases

New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – March 10, 2022) – Author Russo Shanidze recently released her inspiring memoir, A Hummingbird’s Awakening, the true story of an idyllic childhood transformed into years of hardship, first as a struggling teen and later as a woman facing the trials of single motherhood. Told with a gritty, determined honesty, this remarkable book evokes the full spectrum of human emotion.

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Book cover of A Hummingbird’s Awakening

A Hummingbird’s Awakening is more than a reflection of a single life. The book sends out a strong message to all those suffering silently in their lives on how a lost, broken soul can be guided to the path of healing and forgiveness, making them a stronger and better version of themselves. By sharing her own journey, Shanidze serves as a beacon in the darkness to uplift those around her and empower others to find their peace.

Fans of self-help, memoir, and stories of strength will instantly connect with the powerful themes in A Hummingbird’s Awakening. In a true story that spans multiple countries, including Georgia, Israel, Turkey, England and the United States, Shanidze leads the audience through her inspirational rise from the depths of self-doubt and unworthiness.

Reviewers applaud A Hummingbird’s Awakening, hailing it as “an extraordinary book for those looking to examine themselves from a deep perspective and take the difficult steps to unburden themselves from their past and move into the future with a fresh hopefulness.”

In a time of global uncertainty when many people are unmoored in their daily lives, this book is both a call to action and a comfort that better days await. Shanidze believes that if her book helps even one person, then A Hummingbird’s Awakening has not been written in vain.

A Hummingbird’s Awakening is available for purchase on Amazon.com or other online bookstores.

Russo Shanidze has always had a passion for expressing her thoughts and dreams in writing. From stories to poetry, she has always channeled her personal experiences through a creative lens. Her subsequent academic training in mass media studies at the University of Westminster in London catapulted her into international television broadcasting and production. Shanidze’s dreams only began being truly fulfilled after she established her home in the US sixteen years ago, and self-published her first poetry collection titled A Hummingbird’s Reminder in 2019, and a memoir, A Hummingbird’s Awakening, in 2021. Currently, Shanidze lives in Los Angeles, where she does voiceover work in addition to her writing. Visit her online at www.russoshanidze.com.

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Author photo of Russo Shanidze

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