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“Online isn’t enough; CISA works to bring voting websites to a .GOV domain ”

Road election:

While the 2020 election could be safest election in our national history, misinformation / misinformation led to 3 November 2020 and most certainly in the days and weeks that followed it has annoyed election officials.

Trish Robertson, public relations official Collier County, Florida Election Office Oversight.

But the county made a change it hopes will help electoral officials and voters.

“By changing our website to CollierVotes.gov, we hope voters will use our website with confidence knowing that .gov means it belongs to a government organization,” Robertson said. official of the United States of America.

With Network security and infrastructure agency (CISA) assumes responsibility for the TLD program According to DOTGOV’s 2020 Online Trust in Government Act, the agency is looking to support electoral offices and understand where their transition is easy and attract more websites. Switch to a .GOV domain.

Since only a US-based government organization can obtain a .GOV domain, using this domain indicates that you are the official person. Anyone, including malicious actors, can get a .COM, .NET, .ORG, or .US domain.



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