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Open Arms: Salvini prosecuted – Chronicles

The trap of Palermo Lorenzo Jannelli has charged the head of the Federation Matteo Salvini. The Carroccio senator responded to the kidnapping and denial of official documents for illegally intercepting the Catalan Open Arms NGO’s ship, with 147 migrants rescued at sea, docked at Lampedusa port. For many days, the refugees remained off the coast of the island.

The trial will begin September 15 before the judges of the second crime section of the Palermo Court. The Palermo Prosecutor has asked to prosecute the senator. In the courtroom of the investigative office are Prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi, assistant Marzia Sabella and prosecutor Gery Ferrara. The Open Arms case was liberated by the intervention of Prosecutor Agrigento, after it was ascertained by an onboard inspection of the physical and mental seriousness of detained refugees. on the boat, ordered them to disembark in Lampedusa. Salvini’s protection during the harangue incident argued that the senator’s decision, was made by the need to defend the national border and in any case was taken by the entire government. . Furthermore, according to attorney Giulia Bongiorno, the Union’s lead guard, Open Arms has been offered the possibility of docking both in Malta and in Spain: the NGO will deny both options by towards Lampedusa. At the preliminary hearing, 21 civil parties were submitted: in addition to 7 migrants, one of them was a minor, Asgi (Association for Legal Immigration Research), Arci, Ciss, Legambiente, Democracy Jurists, Active Citizenship, Open Arms, Mediterranea, AccoglieRete, Commander of the Oscar Camps and Ana Isabel Montes Mier, Head of the Open Arms Mission.

“Defending the Fatherland is the sacred duty of citizens”. Article 52 of the Constitution. Will I be tried for this, for protecting my country? I went there with my head held high, also in your name. Italian first. Always, “Lega’s leader, Matteo Salvini, said in a message on his social profile.


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