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Open Dl: skip rebooting the mall on weekends – Politics

Do not reopen shopping malls on weekends. In the final document, published in the Official Gazette, on the opening decree, there is no longer reference to the requirements of the draft regulations on the possibility of opening shopping centers., business parks and similar structures on weekends starting 15 May.

Appointment to ANSA from President Federdistribuzione, Alberto Frausin. “It was an unexpected choice with no explanation,” he said.

Shopping centers have taken all measures to ensure security against Covid but need to be sure of the reopening date. This is what Federdistribuzione President Alberto Frausin told ANSA. Frausin said: “We admit that the reopening of the shopping malls over the weekend has been canceled without any explanation – We cannot accept that commercial companies. Always respond responsibly in all phases of a pandemic emergency, there is no certain view on the reopening date of the point of sale, unlike all other areas “.

“It was an inexplicable and very disturbing fact that we were hearing about the change in the night about not being able to reopen the mall. This is what the chairman of Ancc-Coop (National Consumers Cooperative Association) and Coop Italia, Marco Pedroni, told ANSA. “We do not know the reason behind this decision,” commented the president.
“The shopping malls are safe places where all the mandatory precautions have been activated, on any day of the week including the weekend. We really ask – Mr. Pedroni concluded – corrected contents of the decree to allow reopening of shopping centers.


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