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Opponents argue that Elon Musk’s satellite internet project is too risky

Elon Musk’s internet satellite venture has forged an unlikely alliance of competitors, managers and experts who argue that the billionaire is building an almost monopoly company. threats to safety of space and the environment.

Project Starlink, owned by Musk’s Space Discovery Corporation or SpaceX, is allowed to send about 12,000 satellites into orbit to transmit the internet super-fast to every corner of the Earth. It asked for another 30,000 permission.

Now, rival companies like Viasat Inc.,

OneWeb Global Ltd., Hughes Network Systems and Boeing Co. is challenging Starlink’s space race against regulators in the US and Europe. Some complained that Mr. Musk’s satellites were intercepting their own equipment signals and physically endangering their fleets.

Musk’s effort is still in beta but it has disrupted the industry and even spurred the European Union to develop a rival space-based internet project to be announced later. this year.

An expanded version of this article appears on WSJ.com.

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