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Orchard House honors the past while building a brighter future

Many buildings are designed to match the natural world around them. Orchard House was built to pay homage to it. Designed by SeattleFivedot-based architecture firm, the house on the site of a former orchard. In fact, the heritage trees of the orchard are still in the property’s backyard.

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Located in Seattle’s Greenlake district, Orchard House has an amazing design with 3,320 square feet of area. The masses stacked create different volumes indoors and outdoors spaces, and different overhangs and intersections bring the home different areas of interest. The house builds a connection with the outside world through large windows everywhere and large doors leading out into the open air. It’s a wonderful blend of man-made beauty and nature, and a perfect way to honor the 1900s orchard that used to be on the campus.

Living room with circular ceiling lights, sofa, chair and coffee table.

The sustainable design includes three large water tanks arranged in the front of the house to block out street noise. These tanks collect rainwater from the roof so it can be used in home plumbing. Orchard House is also in the context of tree and landscaping, a building made of a variety of natural, sustainable, and local materials reclaimed materials in beautiful harmony with the world around them.

A dining roon with a wooden rectangular table and some chairs around it.

In addition, the large windows provide natural light and Passive cooling. In the bathroom, the vanity is made from a large, edged stone milled from a tree that was removed during the construction of the local court. Throughout the interior, polished concrete floors lead to sliding doors made from leftover local doors Rescue Yard. For a final unique touch, nestled among the hotel’s existing trees is a rain garden that contours the backyard.

Green backyard with concrete yard and walkway.

Green design word Fivedot demonstrates the studio’s commitment to sustainable architecture. For more designs from Fivedot, you can check out the studio’s Instagram @fivedotarch.

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