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‘Our fans are why we exist, we will miss you’ – CBS New York

(CBS) – Younger will be back with a new episode this Thursday, April 15th. The show’s seventh season will also be the last, but don’t be afraid of the fans as with the switch to Paramount +, you can stream on-demand episodes whenever you want!

CBS’s Matt Weiss spoke to Molly Bernard ahead of today’s season’s premiere to discuss her favorite moments from the show, Lauren Heller’s “evolution” and a special message for her fans.

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MW: Molly, nice to meet you today! Younger, seventh, final season coming up are some of your favorite moments from the show?

MB: I mean, there are many, many. Is crazy. First of all, the fact that we were able to do a program for seven years was something that really excited me. I’m still squeezing myself. I look back on my first day on set, when I just left topless Grad School at Bryant Park – it was just a wild way to get into the show.

It also makes clear who my character is, she’s been so bold since day one. Some of my favorite moments are when Liza is almost caught and then she’s not caught and people spot her and they’re upset. But they still love her because she is so cute. It is a good, attractive program. I will miss a lot of those moments.

MW: You talked about that introductory moment, which was clearly a memorable one. How has Lauren changed throughout the show in your eyes?

MB: I feel we sometimes wonder, what will the cast be like, how many years have they passed? You know, when I started the show, I was 25 years old and I just had my 33rd birthday; It’s been a minute. Lauren has evolved a lot just like me. I felt like she would be asking for permission from her friends for anesthesia at a party rather than suddenly adding drugs to their drinks on her birthday. At least she will ask for consent. It’s a great way for her to change.

She has her own PR company, her own company now. All these women during these seven years are both blooming and mature at the same time. It’s a treat to see it and stay inside it and show it off too.

MW: That is growth. You know, at least asking for consent shows she’s growing. Good.

MB: Right. [Laughs]

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MW: What do we have in store for her now in this final season? Give as much as you can …

MB: Right. Let’s see what I can tease. There may be a growing love that I think the passionate fans of our show will really love. Lauren is in the office more this season and her idol is Diana Trout. There is a lot of homage to Miss Trout. I think there will be some serious laughter into laughter. Lauren put herself in a trap, it involved a few other people. I think fans will enjoy watching her squirm.

MW: The last thing before I allow you to come here, what do you have to tell the fans when we are ready for this final season?

MB: Our fans are the reason why we exist. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was such a gift to join this program. Last season, we filmed this for you guys in the middle of a pandemic as safely as possible. We are all safe and healthy and good.

For me, love is action. Like we did it for you guys. We are very happy. If you’ve ever missed us, just, there are seven seasons for you to watch over and over again as you wish. But we’ll miss you too!

MW: Stream on demand with Paramount +!

MB: Right. It’s correct. Now we’re on Paramount +, let’s go live!

MW: Right. Well, thank you so much, Molly, it’s been nice to talk to you about the best of this final season!

MB: Likewise, thank you very much. Keep safe.

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Subscribe to the seventh and final installment of the Younger starting tonight on Paramount +. Click here to register for Paramount + today.



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