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Overnight oatmeal recipes for healthy raw carrots

We know oatmeal can be the perfect base for a healthy breakfast. Whether steel cut or rolledOats are a good source of fiber, protein, magnesium, iron and zinc. And while we’ve tried some methods for whipping whole grains, one of our sure favorites is overnight oats – largely due to the simplicity of cooking.

This overnight oat-inspired carrot cake recipe is one of those breakfasts that have the potential to set breakfast-eaters apart from anyone – including breakfast skeptics – with a flavorful inspiration from healthy desserts.

“This whole oatmeal carrot cake always succeeds when I make it,” says chef Amber Caudle, “Overnight oats are my staple food and very easy to eat in the morning. My body loves this raw oat because it is easy for my body to digest and it reminds me of carrot cake. delicious.” The ingredients in this recipe don’t just contribute to the flavor of the carrot cake. They provide support for our intestines, which means our brains will be happier too.

“I strongly believe that one A healthy gut equates to a happy and healthy brain“she told mindbodygreen.” This connection is very important and is a subject I am very passionate about. I’ve always focused on having a healthy gut to strengthen my mind and brain. ” shows that the gut-brain axis, connecting the twoThat means gut-boosting foods also keep the brain healthy – including fiber rich ingredients in this delicious oatmeal recipe.



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