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Paige Spiranac ate ​​a ‘tasty’ KIDS FOOD for a golf snack for a quick protein boost during the podcast bizarre revelation.

PAIGE SPIRANAC revealed that she ate ‘delicious baby food’ for fast protein-rich snacks of course.

The golfer, 28, turned his back on his career to focus on his social media celebrity status.


Paige Spiranac revealed that she used to eat baby food on the golf course to increase protein
The American mother forced her to eat, despite the stress


The American mother forced her to eat, despite the stressCredit: https://www.tiktok.com/@_paige.renee?lang=en

But she still holds a strong love for the sport and has enthusiastically watched the Masters over the weekend at Augusta.

Reminiscing about her good days Play around The podcast, sizzling American has revealed her bizarre dietary habits.

“Normally at breakfast, I would be very anxious and have difficulty getting cravings, so I usually eat eggs or oatmeal,” she said.

“Then, before the match, my mom would force me to eat a banana. She basically always said, ‘You have to eat and drink enough.’

“My mom used to feed me baby food, like the actual baby food are snacks on golf course.

“It didn’t look like baby food, we had these little meat sticks that were really high in protein and easy to eat on the golf course.

“So I’ll always eat a banana, those baby meat sticks and a drink with protein.

“I always eat quite a lot of baby food. In the baby food section, there are quite good dishes.


“In college, I would make peanut butter and jelly bread.

“I’m not a big eater on golf – I can’t eat myself because I’m always so nervous, even during the round.”

When asked about her current favorite post-round game, Spiranac added: “Definitely a sausage. Nothing tastes better than a sausage at the golf course. I can only eat my sausages with ketchup.”

“Are not [doesn’t have a cold beer]I don’t like the taste of alcohol, I don’t mind beer but it reminds me of beer pong and bad college parties, I hate alcohol, I don’t mind a piña colada.

“And even when I play tournaments, eat ice cream. For good or bad, I have to eat ice cream.”

Spiranac is also open about his habits before stepping into his first serve.

She added: “Now I don’t play and just for fun, I usually just show and go.

“I’m not even going to warm up or anything, I’ll go straight to the first teeing ground and go.

“When I play, I have a habit of getting off the tee. Each time, I get to the pitch one hour and 15 minutes ahead.

“I’m going to hit the ball first, then the chip then run through my pocket on the training ground, back to the putting green to hit the long and short shots. Then I get to my first tee shot first.” It’s ten or 15 minutes. “

Spiranac, who has 3 million followers on Instagram, has followed Masters closely Hideki Matsuyama becomes the first Japanese to win.

She reveals how much she is lost while watching Tiger Woods in the action, wear her own slightly revealing green coat and give her some views on the current state of the game – including want green books to be banned from reading.

And the golf beauty opens up when be put on the ‘watch list’ of a course after angering a club.

Paige Spiranac looks gorgeous and promises to wear green all week for the Masters



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