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Paige Spiranac reveals her biggest dating and dating turn as the golf beauty opens her heart to her love life

GOLF’s Instagram star, Paige Spiranac, has teased her biggest pet stealing and disdain when it comes to dating.

The 28-year-old girl – whose partner is former mini league baseball player Steven Tinoco – has revealed all in her latest Play around audio file.


American Paige Spiranac discussed the dangers of dating in one of her recent podcast episodes.Credit: Getty Images
Paige Spiranac boasts more than 3 million followers on Instagram


Paige Spiranac boasts more than 3 million followers on Instagram

Talking to a matchmaker, she says that she often has difficulty dating if the person she has trouble keeping up with in a conversation.

“Nobody really holds the usual traditional dates anymore,” she said.

“There have been dates where I went to where the guy is really great, but they’re nervous or they don’t know how to talk.

“So you should equip them with all those tools to make them a better eater.”

Spiranac later confessed that being late on a date was a bad sign for her, and a sign that would ruin their chances of meeting again.

The American beauty added: “That is like one of my biggest pets if someone is late, I see it as a sign of disrespect.

“And I’m a person, when little things happen, I don’t deny it, I tend to turn it into a bigger thing.”

She then stated that questioning her family was a huge victory, even though she did hit the general questioners.

Spiranac said: “Where did you start a date? Did you start with your childhood movie or what did you eat breakfast?

“I think one thing I really like and what is really important to me is someone with a strong family relationship.

“So when someone asks me about my family, I love that question, but some people have family problems so it’s a sensitive topic.

“So my advice is to see how your date went and then base it on your questions.

“Mix it up, try to listen to what they’re saying. So be a good listener, I think that’s really important.”

Spiranac – who delighted her Instagram followers earlier this year by performing a trick using her clones – also talked about the gender discrimination that still exists in golf.

The former Cactus Tour star recently revealed how She was supposed to play the word ‘women’s tee’ so she ‘couldn’t hold the men back’.

And in May, she opened up on how she received death threats after criticizing the golf course trolley users.

Spiranac also spoke of Floyd Mayweather’s upcoming wits match with Logan Paul – label the contest as a ‘take money’ contest.

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