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Pairaphrase Releases Secure Enterprise Speech-to-Speech Translator – Press Releases

The web-based translation tool makes it possible for enterprises to achieve secure speech dictation, transcription and translation for important or confidential multilingual conversations that require digital paper trails.

Jun. 27, 2021 / PRZen / DETROIT — Premium translation software company Pairaphrase has developed a mobile speech-to-speech translation tool for enterprises who need secure voice translations coupled with confidential conversation record-keeping. The web-based tool uses enterprise-level security, a standard often overlooked in voice translator app development. It is compatible with 12 commercial languages.

The tool transcribes live speech to text which can be edited by the user for quality improvement. When the user then presses “Translate,” the tool converts the text to speech in their target language. They receive a machine-translated version of the transcription, along with an audio translation ready for immediate playback.

“All chat transcriptions and audio recordings are placed in encrypted AWS storage at rest, in use and in transit. Pairaphrase is also HIPAA compliant which sets the tool apart from others, making it a cost-effective alternative to human interpreters for healthcare settings in particular,” says Pairaphrase CEO, Laurent Bresson.

With the rise of data breaches regularly affecting high-profile businesses and organizations, the tool offers a safe way to communicate with limited English proficiency (LEP) patients, clients, colleagues and workers.

Pairaphrase puts advanced translation technologies into the hands of everyday business users to reduce the time and costs associated with the production of secure, high-quality translations. For more information about Pairaphrase, please contact Laurent Bresson at [email protected] or visit https://www.pairaphrase.com.

Follow the full story here: https://przen.com/pr/33409033

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