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Pandemic Show Me The Value Of Life An “Inconvenient” Life

A year living in a pandemic has taught us many things – like how loudly our partners speak on conference calls or how many of our wardrobes make sense to impress those We no longer see strange Perhaps the most common and contradictory of these lessons is the importance of lowering your convenience to prioritize the health of those around you.

As the day is simplified into essential and non-essential activities, it becomes increasingly clear what “inconvenient” tasks can mean for our lives. For example, it might be inconvenient to cook dinner at home instead of going out to a restaurant, but it creates space for families to connect through cooking lessons, table chat, and shared cooking tasks. . Likewise, wearing a mask in public is certainly inconvenient, but doing so creates a sense of shared duty and protects the most at-risk in our community.

Giving away our everyday gadgets for the better has also helped focus our attention on things from inconvenience Badly equipped to describe – like the pointless murders of so many Americans at the hands of our police or single mothers who have to choose between keeping work or taking care of their kids in COVID.

As things start to return to a new normal, it’s important to bring this lesson into the future as we tackle the most inconvenient crisis of our time: climate change. The good news is that there are many reasons why normalizing inconveniences can improve the health of not just the planet, but ourselves.



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