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Partner selfish in bed? 5 signs and things to do about it

PArtistic sex can be super pleasurable, passionate, and bonding – but those pleasant effects are mostly the case when all participants invest in the common goal of enjoyment for all. everyone. So it’s a good sign that your partner might be selfish in bed if it seems like they’re primarily focused on peaking as a primary concern, leaving you to fend for yourself.

That said, sometimes it’s hard to know for sure if your partner is selfish in bed. Or to that matter, whether you, yourself, may be acting selfish. For example, if you are in the moment, you may not know that you are not giving your partner what they need to have an orgasm and feel as satisfied as you are.

The good news is that you can completely change that behavior and become more attentive to your SO needs, which in turn can help you enjoy sex more, because you will be more confident that you are Help your partner become passionate. And if your partner might be too focused on himself, you can look for similar signs of selfishness in bed and then take steps to ask for what you need to actually achieve. the orgasm you deserve.

5 signs of a selfish partner in bed and a one-on-one approach to achieving sensual pleasures.

1. You are doing all “work”

If you’re having oral sex every time you have sex, but you don’t in return, you are probably focusing more on your pleasure, leaving your partner not having the attention they need. . The same applies if your partner is holding out.

“You know your partner is selfish in bed when they lie there expecting you to do all the work to create a pornographic environment.” —Jenni Skyler, PhD

“You know your partner is selfish in bed when they’re lying there and expect you to do all the work to create a pornographic environment,” says Jenni Skyler, PhD, LMFT, an AASECT-certified sex therapist and sexologist.

“Usually, the selfish partner does not engage in much or any interaction with each other. Sometimes this is due to injury and the receiving partner doesn’t respond because it’s activated, but it appears to be selfish, she says. Other times, the selfish partner only wants to be seduced. Either way, if your partner doesn’t like your work, then it’s time to chat. Regardless of the cause, open the way of communication Sharing what you need and what you are not currently receiving is important. In some cases, especially with a history of trauma, seeking professional help as a couple can be helpful.

Foreplay? Seldom, no often, rarely

There’s a time and place for a quick fuck (which can be fun!), But if you frequently miss foreplay, any sexual act achieves an orgasm, that could mean you are trying to get straight to the point and moreover focusing on your ultimate goal rather than building.

“You know your partner is selfish in bed when they’re not curious about what you like and they have their own agenda and move forward without checking,” Skyler said. The best way to approach this situation is to be upfront with your partner and ask them why they ignored your request or rushed past without seeing what your mood was. Choose their brains to find a solution.

3. When you say what you want, it will encounter resistance

You know your partner is selfish in bed when he or she doesn’t respond well. “Usually, they will respond to your feedback or request in a defensive or angry manner, and although this often comes from where they are unsafe, it comes out in a useful way,” Skyler said. century.

And if you are non-responsive, “discover your resistance,” says the sex therapist Jennifer Litner, LMFT, CST. Ask yourself what keeps you from feeling open to your partner’s suggestions. It can be helpful to take feedback as an opportunity to make sex more enjoyable for everyone. “The real response is the lubrication of sexual gratification,” says Litner.

4. They focus only on what they like

Although some people prefer to explore sex more than others, if you are interested in your partner and uphold their sexual curiosity, you may be more willing to broaden your boundaries. ways that keep you safe and comfortable. Self-contained can put you back on something that you might truly enjoy and something your partner might enjoy.

“Remember that having sex with your partner is about mutual pleasure and it requires a lot of attention to make that happen,” says Litner. If you are not sure how well you are performing, ask your partner how you can pay more attention and try to show them how fast you can learn. The same applies if your partner is selfish in bed.

5. They feel they have the right to have sex

“You know your partner is selfish in bed when they feel the right to participate in various sexual activities, instead of realizing that it might take cooperation between both partners,” Skyler said. “Skyler said. This is often manifested as a powerful attitude around intercourse or oral sex. This can also happen if a partner urges you when you’re not in the mood.

The opposite can also happen, when you or your partner can pull out of sex, she explains, which can also be selfish, as it is the unwillingness to keep intimacy. exists (especially if this becomes a chronic problem). Find similarities and learn to work together to connect with each other and take care of each other’s sexual needs.

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