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Patek Philippe Ref. 5236P: Perpetual calendar in line

Patek Philippe Ref. The Perpetual Calendar 5236P-001 has just made history as the most recent attempt to reconstruct this extraordinary complexity. There is a lot to say about this development and the new movement that comes with it, but we note here that this will not be part of going into this area. That will happen after we have seen the watch, in Singapore, launch this month. Think of this as an expansive trailer, inspired by the spacious and impressive Patek Philippe Ref. Technical presentation 5236P. It’s not publicly available, but some of you will certainly see it. Anyway, with the program. Patek Philippe Ref. The 5236P-001 is an impressive, reliable, and perhaps completely unexpected watch. Hence, the world’s most famous family-owned watch maker Patek Philippe is honored to have two same-day posts from us on Watches & Wonders 2021 releases.

Although we would like to claim that this is because the simple watches are so good, it is really because there have been two different releases from the Genevan brand. For daring PR executives looking for a logistical carnage, that’s a little trick to keep in mind. Of course, it goes without saying that in order to make this exploit work, a certain brand must first have a lot of credibility and be able to generate a large amount of audience interest. To be honest, all Patek Philippe has to say is that there is a new perpetual calendar for 2021 and the watch-loving world has taken its time. The brand can do that tomorrow, and we’ll reorder our dates (but seriously, if you’re reading there at the producer, please don’t). For now, we don’t have the space here for an excellent Ref. 6119 (in two gold models) or any new product. It would be difficult to include the full Ref. 5236P.

If you want to know at first sight, what makes the Ref. Special 5236P, look out the window at 12 o’clock. The way of displaying date-date-month on this line is uncommon in watchmaking, and it never happened in perpetual calendars. Of course, that makes this the world’s first, but why? A natural question, sure, but let’s simply consider that this display should mean that there are four independent discs that scramble for space in this part of the dial. Patek Philippe explains that there are actually four plates here, one for the day, two for the day and one for the month; all four are coplanar, meaning they share the same plane rather than slightly different degrees. The main advantage of this architecture is the maintenance of a thinner profile for the new QL 31-260 PS movement with micro rotors (dimensions are only 5.8mm). This explains how to Ref. The 5236P measures just 11.07mm thick, which is still a bit too thick to fit comfortably under most of the shirt cuffs we think. This is certainly consistent with Patek President Philippe Thierry Stern’s is interested in photographing to achieve maximum elegance in the thickness of the mechanical movements.

Patek Philippe has a lot of perpetual calendars in its range, including a 1972 pocket watch that has inspired 2021 See 5236P. Indeed, it has a lot of contemporary wristwatches with this amazing complexity, as everyone knows. In fact, there are a ton of base movement improvements here, but we don’t have enough space to cover it yet – we haven’t even mentioned the day / night indicator, moon phase display, and function yet. leap years in Reference. 5236P. This is because just displaying a date-date in that line required 118 more parts (compared to a regular perpetual calendar), so we couldn’t get it. The co-planar arrangement of the four related calendar discs also involved the implementation of a dual-ball bearing system, the patent-pending system. There are two more patents related to the creation of a new calendar system for the Ref. 5236P – one for the mechanism that prevents shocks and vibrations from disrupting the unit wheel and the other for the unit disc fixing system during transition from day 31 to day 1.

We’ll close on that right date as it will surely cause a certain level of awe to some collectors and the wider world of Patek Philippe enthusiasts. At the same time, at this level, an odd construction like this is probably priceless. This story continues in the upcoming issue of WOW, and it will then return online.



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