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Paying on Amazon with the palm of your hand is one option, here’s how this biometric technology works

No cash, no cards, no transfers and even no mobile phones, the Amazon One system will read your hands so you can pay for your purchases, see how its working mode.

April 23, 2021

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E-commerce giant Amazon are living in the future. Jeff Bezos’ company deploy a system with biometric technology to allow customers to pay for their purchases with only show their palms .

Amazon One The billing system has been set up and running at a number Seattle Whole foods stores and will soon expand to seven more locations in the metropolitan area. There, consumers can pay for their items with just a swipe of their hand, removing existing contacts in cash or card payments.

Although Amazon One Is one contactless payments The company has made it clear that it will not introduce a ‘no cashier’ model in its stores. The system still requires scanning of items before paying for them, so deploying it won’t affect Whole Foods employees, he said. company in a press release.

“We started with Just Walk Out technology on Amazon Go and have since brought that experience to new store formats and locations, and offered it as a service to third-party retailers. three used in their store “ Amazon to speak. .

How do I pay manually on Amazon One?

To use this innovative method, customers can sign up for any Amazon One kiosks or equipment at participating stores. The whole process took less than a minute.

After inserting a credit card, users rest their palms on the device, which uses a high-speed, high-resolution camera to read their hands. Then you just need to follow the instructions to Link the card with your unique fingerprint signature .

From “no two palms are the same” , when you put your hand on Amazon One device, it records the details of your fingerprints: lines, wrinkles, lines, etc.The data analysis system by visual technology and selects the most different identifiers from the heart your hand to create Biometric signature . In theory, this should prevent someone from stealing your identity to go shopping.

About Protect such sensitive data , Amazon One There are many security controls. For example, the picture of your palm is never stored on the device itself but instead is encrypted and sent to a highly secure area on your cloud.

If after a while, you decide that you are don’t want to use Amazon One anymore you can ask Delete your biometric profile . This is done by canceling your subscription on any Amazon One equipment or in customer portal . After completing your withdrawal, the biometric data will be deleted from the system.



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