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“Pelosi’s push for the 9/11 Capitol riot committee to stop in political quicksand”


Surrounded by broken glass in a devastated Capitol on the night of January 6, President Nancy Pelosi spoke to a senior House Republican about a bipartisan committee that will investigate the case. attack on Congress. Ten weeks later, those talks collapsed.

Pelosi is now keeping an eye on Plan B: exploiting three House committees, run by Democrats, to carry out their own investigation of how a violent, Trump-backed mob could have been overwhelming. the police and terrorizing the lawmakers.

What seemed a no-brainer at the time – a 9/11 Commission-style assessment of the origins of the crowd, white nationalists joining it, and permissible security failures it occupied the Capitol – instead becoming the newest dysfunctional theater on Capitol Hill as the sides contested over the scope of the panel and the balance of the party. The commission’s outlook has also blurred thanks to the relatively well-functioning Senate investigation that has helped provide the kind of answers an independent entity can take months to come up with.



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