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Peru: Castillo-Fujimori official ballot on June 6 – World

(ANSA) – LIMA, April 17 – Peru’s National Office on Electoral Process (ONPE) yesterday officially announced that the communist party Pedro Castillo and right-wing leader, Keiko Fujimori, will be participating Presidential vote on June 6. This was reported by the Lima radio station Rpp.

This made it clear a few days ago with the clear advantage of two candidates from the rest of the 16 in the race for the interim presidency of Francisco Sagasti.

When 100% of the vote ended, Onpe points out, Castillo (who speaks Peruvian) received 19.09% of the vote, while the daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori, Keiko (popular Fuerza) received 13 , 36. In third place, another member of the right, Rafael López Aliaga (Renovación Popular), with 11,699% and in fourth place is the freelance economist Hernando de Soto (Avanza País) with 11,593%.

Among those calling for a vote for Fujimori, as well as López Aliaga, who called for “a vote against communism”, was writer Mario Vargas Llosa.

In a note to various papers titled ‘Overlooking the Abyss’, the author of ‘City and Dogs’ and ‘The Party of Goats’, called for the vote for Keiko Fujimori to be “less evil”.

“I am completely convinced – he argues – that if Castillo, with the ideas he has, is in power in the vote, within two months there will be no more elections in Peru, and in their future will be only one Che “.

It should be noted that in 1990 Vargas Llosa ran in Peru for rights in the presidential election, but was defeated in a vote by the unknown conductor Alberto Fujimori, supported by the center-left parties. (HANDLING).


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