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Petsmile Releases World’s First Dry Clean Petcare Brush that Prevents Pets from Having Skin and Hair Conditions – Press Releases

Petsmile, the rising star in the pet-care products industry, has announced the debut of its game-changing product – The Petsmile Petcare Brush! This is the world’s first skin and hair care brush for pets. It changes the way pet owners help keep their pets’ skin and hair free of harmful microorganisms, bugs, and odors by simply brushing them for 30-60 seconds a day.


Image description: Petsmile keeps multiple “yucky” conditions away from pets skin and fur in a simple 30s of daily grooming.

Pets have long suffered from skin and hair diseases caused by various harmful microorganisms dwelling on them – like fungi, bacteria, viruses, mites, and fleas. The traditional ways to deal with these conditions include showers, antifungal spray or drops, pills, and even ointments which are not liked by pets and takes lots of time to apply. Since people often brush their pets, what if a function on the brush can keep pets’ skin and hair healthy by simply brushing the pets? – Petsmile Petcare Brush is the final product derived from this question.

Featuring patented ionization purification, Petsmile’s ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) Technology generates oxygen molecules with high oxidizability. The molecules eliminate the harmful microorganisms and odors they come into contact with on pets, keeping pets clean and refreshed without having to take showers very often. The technology has been widely used in air purification systems with proven effectiveness and safety, making it the perfect skin and hair care solution for your pets when combined with the brush.

Petsmile’s ion purification process comes in two modes: Light and Standard. The Light mode is a dedicated setting made for younger aged pets


Image description: Petsmile gives pets a dry clean that they’d love.

Besides, Petsmile itself is a great slicker brush. It can effortlessly remove all the loose hairs, knots, mats, tangles, dander, dirt, and whatever else life throws at pets to make a soft, smooth, and shiny coat. The rotatable bristle makes it possible for pet keepers to brush their pets conveniently in various positions, leaving no blind spot behind. After every grooming session, pet parents can easily release any buildup along the bristles with a single push of a button.


Image description: Petsmile’s one-button hair release and rotatable bristle design.

Petsmile Petcare Brush is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo, offering limited early bird discounts to its early backers. To learn more about the product or get it for your pets, please visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/petsmile-world-s-first-pet-skin-hair-care-brush/coming_soon

About Petsmile

Petsmile is a global petcare brand with the vision of helping pets live a healthier and happier life. It’s founded by a team of pet keepers with over a decade of experience in the research and development of smart home appliances, and most importantly, the love for the pets in their hearts. 

Media Contact
Contact Person: Bruce Qin
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Country: HongKong
Website: https://getpetsmile.com

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