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Philadelphia police shoots and kills Walter Wallace Jr.

Philadelphia police officers shot dead a Black man as he walked toward them in the street on Monday afternoon. Police said the man was carrying a knife.

Footage of take a shot was spread on social media, showing two officers pulling a gun walking back and forth as the man approached them. The police opened fire many times, and the man collapsed to the ground. He died of his wound at a nearby hospital, The questioner reported.

Officials identified the man as Walter Wallace Jr., 27, according Relevant press.

Wallace’s father, Walter Wallace Sr., told the newspaper that his son had a mental health problem. “Why don’t they use Taser?” the father asked. “His mother is trying to defuse the situation.”

Wallace was recently married, a father and “doesn’t deserve what he gets,” his family said in a statement, according to NBC Philadelphia.

“Walter is a good man, he will do anything and everything for anyone,” the family said. “Whatever the favors or the time he will always pass. And, he’s a family man, he’s just married to Dominique and he has 7 kids plus one child. will be born any day. “

The shooting prompted Monday night protests in Philadelphia, turning violent and, according to police, the result. 30 officers were injured.

On Tuesday, Lieutenant Colonel Keith Hickox confirmed to BuzzFeed News News that “several hundred members” of the Pennsylvania National Guard are being deployed to the city in anticipation of further protests and civil unrest. .

That evening, as a second night protest was taking place in the city, Wallace’s father pleaded with the protesters not on his son’s behalf to become violent.

“I hope you all show the respect of my family and the city,” he told reporters. “I don’t have time to loot and destroy where I live. It’s impossible, and the people are doing it, they’re not helping me and my family.”

Wallace’s relatives and a lawyer representing the family sparked the officers’ reaction at Tuesday night’s press conference, saying the family had called for help due to Wallace’s mental health.

Attorney Shaka Johnson said Wallace was on Lithium and that despite the family’s request for medical assistance, the police officers responded.

“An ambulance never came,” Johnson said. “[Officers] was not trained and charged to perform the job effectively and as such, a man was murdered. “

The city’s district attorney called the video of the shooting “in connection”.

Philadelphia District Attorney Lawrence Krasner said at a press conference that, according to information his office received so far, family members had called in for Wallace-related medical assistance.

Instead of medical assistance, the family received “feedback that the police were opposed to the ambulance, as opposed to the medical service,” Krasner said.

“When I watched the widely released video, I thought it was relevant,” he told reporters. “I would have to agree with both the commissioner and the mayor that it raises some very serious questions that need to be answered.”

Krasner said the district attorney’s office was continuing to review evidence, including body camera video, related to the shooting.

“It is too early for me to figure out what was going on in the minds of the officers when they opened fire,” he said.

Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney said in a statement that he had contacted the young man’s family and that the incident would be investigated.

“My prayers for Walter Wallace’s family and friends,” said Kenney, “I watched the video of this tragic incident and it raised difficult questions to answer.”

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw Confirm there will be an investigation.

“I realized that the video of the incident raises a lot of questions,” Outlaw said in a statement. “Residents have my assurance that such questions will be fully resolved by the investigation.”

In a statement, Congressman Jamie Gauthier call for release of camera footage of the incident.

“We have to admit that things don’t have to be this way,” Gauthier said. “Using weapons should be the absolute last resort for any officer. If these officers used de-escalation techniques and non-lethal weapons instead of making a decision to fire in a heartbeat, this young man could still be alive tonight.

“If these officers take this Black man’s life seriously – they see him as someone with a mental health problem, instead of a crime – then we can be forgiven. collective outrage at other injustices at the hands of the police. “

Krasner said he hopes his footage from the incident will be released to increase transparency with the public.

Early Tuesday morning, a speeding truck ran over a police officer on duty at a rally. Philadelphia’s local Fox television station reported that the police officer a broken leg in the hospital.

Philadelphia, like many other cities nationwide, is the main website Demonstration this summer after Police killed George Floyd in Minneapolis. Thousands of peaceful protesters parade through downtown Philadelphia; Some people burned police cars, ransacked stores and clashed with police.

About 100 to 200 protesters gathered after Wallace’s death on Monday night, in a neighborhood where people were demonstrating about Floyd’s death, The questioner reported.

Krasher said 91 people were arrested by police during Monday night’s protest. Of those arrests, 27 have been considered so far involving second-degree theft allegations.

Police told the District 11 attorney’s office that cases involving suspected assault on a police officer would be filed, but prosecutors had not received those cases on Tuesday night, he said.

The Wallace murder also caused former vice president Joe Biden to react, calling the shooting another heartbreaking incident by a black man killed by police.

“Our hearts are broken for the family of Walter Wallace Jr., and for all those who are bearing the emotional weight of learning of another lost Black life in America,” Biden said in An announcement. “We cannot accept that in this country a mental health crisis ends with death.”

He also said criticism of the violence broke out during the protests.

“There is nothing angry at the real injustices in our society that can justify violence,” he said. “Attacking police officers and vandalizing small businesses, already struggling in a pandemic, doesn’t bend the moral arc of the universe closer to justice.”

Wallace left behind nine children, including his oldest son, Zamir, who spoke to reporters on Tuesday night, Mr. Johnson said.

“We always go everywhere and we often play together,” he said. “And the white racist police have my dad. And black’s life still matters.”



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