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Piers Morgan boasted that he was drinking a £ 1,300 bottle of wine made during World War I on a ‘pandemic ball in London’

PIERS Morgan bragged about drinking a £ 1,300 bottle of wine as he enjoyed a night out in London.

The 56 years old shared a 1916 photo of a Montrose bottle, made during World War I, as he relaxed during his “pandemic soiree”.


Piers bragged about her 104 year old wine bottleCredit: Instagram

Not having to get up early during the hours Good morning England allowed the former TV host to enjoy an evening.

Piers shared a photo of him at a private member club in London as he drank a 104-year-old French red wine bottle.

The star spent Wednesday evening smoking cigars while sipping a bowl of salt kernels at the celebrity hotspot, Mark’s Club.

“It is unlikely that the early evenings of the London pandemic will be much more subtle than this,” he wrote in the caption.

The previous GMB host enjoyed his freedom


The previous GMB host has been enjoying his freedomCredit: PA

It came the next day Piers and wife Celia Waldren Photographed leaving the luxury restaurant The River Café in London.

The announcer wears a black mask as he walks to his waiting taxi after a lavish date at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Piers‘Dating night comes after hours he admits he still watches Good Morning Britain after abruptly giving up the show when he praised former co-star Hilary Jones.

Dr. Hilary was involved in a fiery conversation with host Rod Humphris, who threw Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer out of my pub.

Recently he went to dinner with his wife Celia


Recently he went to dinner with his wife CeliaCredit: w8media

Since he was dramatic departure from Good Morning Britain lA month later, there’s been a lot of speculation about where he will go next.

Many believed it would be the upcoming GB News TV channel, which had hired a lot of popular media players ahead of its launch, but anyone who wanted him would have to break the bank to do it.

Journalist Alex Webb wrote on Twitter today: “Maybe @piersmorgan will help GB News reach a large audience, but his £ 2m remuneration will make up a large part of a tightly-regulated budget. of the station. “

It reminded Piers Answer: “It will take a much bigger chunk than that …. (says ‘source close to Morgan’).”

Piers Morgan says he ‘won’t be canceled for a long time’ and says that he already has a new job arranged after the GMB ax.



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