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Pinea RV has its very own green roof

The Barcelona-based ERA Architects studio is raising the bar for sustainable camping with its Pinea Mobile Ecological RV. The RV, using natural materials in construction along with other eco-friendly features, is a prototype currently located at the Mas els Igols resort in the Pened├ęs winery region of Spain. The prototype uses integrated systems to capture solar energy and collect rainwater but add a unique touch to an innovative green roof.

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RV’s singles solar panel generating up to 50W is retained in the battery to be used for charging smartphones and internal lights. According to the designers, a battery system maker in France shares a percentage of sales with a non-profit organization in Africa. The architects assisted collaborators from different regions of Spain in the project, using a company from Girona for green roof, a producer of textiles in Barcelona and metal works from Lleida.

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Small rv with bed in the center
Small rv interiors with unpacked fabric walls and open to the outdoors

Dedicated tray system Rainwater harvesting for RV’s green roofs, which are full of vegetation and Catalonia substrates. The system holds 100 liters of water at the same time. The outer fabrics that make up exterior walls can be pulled out for fresh air and sunlight or rolled down for privacy. The fabric is also manufactured in Catalonia using a water-saving, breathable and waterproof process. There’s also a built-in mosquito net, perfect for camping in the evening.

rv roof with solar panel, plant and cork
rv with fabric walls next to the outdoor courtyard set

Inside you will find a large bed, a table with chairs and some certified wood storage furniture (the same certified wood used for wall construction) and durable. cork material. Most notably the floor is made of cork, although inside the wooden furniture there are also expected corks and corks. The designers also chose to use cork instead of insulating gravel on the green roof.

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