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Pio and Amedeo, “With us laughter and emotion” – Tv

Not only laughter, but the “roller coaster of emotions”: this is the promise comedians Pio and Amedeo made to their audiences, ready to rock Canale 5’s first evening with New show “Felicissima sera”, aired from April 16 for three episodes. A show full of great choreography, performance and live music, with titles covering the diversity of the past, mixed with the disrespectful and “inaccurate” comedy that the two Foggia artists have been known in recent years: it was conceived that the Show interviewed by ANSA and Pio and Amedeo, did not hesitate to identify “a real challenge, but also a surprise to the public and a The dream comes true for us young and old ‘, the newest comedians who have risen and untrained on social media’.
On the stage where things really can happen, Pio and Amedeo will welcome famous faces from television, music, sports, and cinema: in the first episode, Maria De Filippi (who welcomed they come to Amici), Francesco De Gregori, will be coming. Emanuele Filiberto, Tommaso Paradiso, Francesco Pannofino, Ivana Spagna and Andrea Iannone, who will not hesitate to join.
“After being in Sanremo, I was a nostalgic person, I thought it was time to increase and develop diversity. And when Amedeo tried to bring me back to earth, I persuaded him by telling him. That at least they’ll have made a 20 year deal, “Pio joked. How do you make people laugh during these dark times? “What we can say is that in 150 minutes of performance, our sole responsibility is to distract the difficulties with laughter and emotions, it’s the job of every good comedian,” they said. , “true victory will be able to make the public forget what’s going on around”.
“We completely write programs, we can’t imagine doing things written by other people. In fact, we believe that, if you haven’t taken an apprenticeship, you can’t do a program like this, no. about the performance, it’s just the interaction with the guests: that’s our strength, of course apart from the dynamism between the two of us, which we distilled in our last tour, luckily is made close and strengthened after a 20-year career, “Amedeo continues.
Would it be a bit of a surprise for some big names, such as Maria De Filippi? “No, as soon as she arrived, Maria took off her shoes and put on her sandals”, they revealed laughing, “no comfort zones, and that’s a good sign for the now overrated Italian show. Looking forward to seeing again, that people even take risks when participating. We come from a simple story and from a working-class neighborhood, who The guest participates not to promote themselves, but to play with us.a common theme and its evolution, but it’s like a hot pepper broth instead of Parmesan. Never before has a product been packaged like this “.
It would therefore be surprising, starting from the fact that the comic book duo will have a real audience, obviously fully complying with health and safety regulations: “we asked for that”, they say, “such a program is impossible without people, all spaced but without masks because they are buffered.
Let’s say this show is a kind of a technical test of commonality that we hope to come soon. “But then the real surprise will be the plethora of dresses Pio and Amedeo will wear in each episode:” For two people like us, divide the audience. is inevitable, either we love or hate us.
But Friday night the people who hate us who will be on TV will be disappointed: the show can go well or bad, we’ll watch, but we’re sure we’ll be surprised, ”Amedeo saying, “there will also be emotional moments, we will be naked in public in all senses. It will be a real diversity with many things inside, a roller coaster of emotions. “Where will we meet you in the future?” We will finish the film that we were interrupted in October due to the mess (Belli ciao, directed by Gennaro Nunziante, ed) “, they say,” and we hope that on January 1 by 2022, we will be able to go to the cinema, with the theaters open. ”(ANSA).



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