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Platinum Data Recovery Successfully Retrieves Lost Data from Water Damaged SD Card – Press Releases

When it comes to handling the most complex cases of data loss, Platinum Data Recovery has always remained at the forefront. This top-rated data recovery company has marked its reputation for successfully recovering data from all types of devices, irrespective of the cause and extent of the damage. Recently, the engineers at Platinum Data Recovery have recovered data from a water-damaged SD card.

The memory card was accidentally dropped in water and the user could no longer access the crucial data stored on it. The user did try to dry the card but when it was plugged in, the card was no longer detected.

A data recovery engineer at Platinum Data Recovery said, “Most SD cards are not waterproof and in this case also, the card suffered water damaged. The client was hopeless of getting back previous photographs stored on it. But we have handled similar cases in the past that has given us the experience to recover corrupted or inaccessible data from water-damaged memory cards. To recover data from a water-soaked SD card, it is crucial to first dry all the water. The internet is full of DIY tricks but often those hit and trial methods make the situation worse. In this case, the client hadn’t applied any crazy hack to dry the card and rushed immediately to us. Our team was quick to identify the problem and started the recovery process without any further delay. We understand that data loss could have serious consequences.  In the past, we have recovered data from water-damaged hard drives, USB drives, and several other media. Our recovery experts have deep knowledge of different types of data storage devices which helps in using the right technique for each case.”

SD cards are reliable but often they get damaged due to water immersion, physical damage, exposure to dust or debris, virus infection when plugged into the computer, or electrical surge. No matter how a memory card gets damaged, experts at Platinum Data Recovery have the skills and tools needed to restore lost data.

About the Company:

Platinum Data Recovery, a Los Angeles-based data recovery company, provides a complete range of data restoration services.  The company specializes in restoring lost data from storage devices of all makes and models. Their services include hard drive data recovery, SSD recovery, RAID data recovery, SD card, NAS, flash drive data recovery, and much more.

To know more about the company and their services, please visit https://platinumdatarecovery.com/

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