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Plexus highlights reusability with this adaptable flat package design

You may have been to a variety of festivals, trade fairs and other events where you stop by stalls to sample food, shop for gourmet items or just take a little stroll. But you’ve probably never been around to see what happens after the fair is over and all those stalls are thrown away. This process can cause a lot waste – and this is exactly what Plexus is determined to eliminate.

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Vendors usually do not Reuse The booths include their own booths. They want something that looks new and fresh, something that will showcase their brand. Enter Plexus, a waste reduction prototype created by Studio Symbiosis during a workshop for the Faculty of Architecture and Planning at AKTU Lucknow.

A group of people looks at a dark tunnel of parts that link together to form Plexus.

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Plexus is a whole network of different components. Unique structure allows new designs for every different event. The adaptive system can be used to create a variety of booth sizes. Designed on an automated automotive model, the Plexus system allows for more than 1,000 possible designs to be created. The whole system is also possible Flat packing in crates for easy transport and travel.

A person emerges from a dark tunnel of parts that are linked together to form the Puppet.

Festivals, fairs and exhibitions are fun events filled with opportunities for businesses. These events are great opportunities for product marketing, network expansion and direct customer outreach. However, the resulting waste is a problem for Environment. Plexus allows suppliers to reduce waste without changing the way trade fairs and similar events are conducted. Because the system can be used in so many ways to create a wide variety of designs, any type of supplier can find a form that allows them to best display their products and businesses. surname.

A person stands within the structure of the parts that are linked together to form the Puppet.

Many people don’t think about what will happen after all the fun is over and it’s time to clean up. Thankfully, Studio Symbiosis solved the problem and offered a solution to reduction the problem of waste associated with trade fairs.

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