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Police answer call of ‘intruder’ banging on door – to find robot vacuum is the culprit – CBS New York

NATOMAS, Calif. (KOVR-TV) – An unusual “intruder” led to a terrifying night for a California woman and left her a destroyed front door – and the floor clean.

Yana Sydnor just spent hundreds of dollars fixing her front door after police broke it open while trying to arrest an intruder in a supposed home.

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She told CBS KOVR-TV in Sacramento: “Talking around 1am, I heard my meditation music, ‘Boom, boom, boom.’

Sydnor was sleeping with his 2-year-old daughter when he heard a sound coming from his stairs so he texted friends. “I was like ‘Hey, somebody’s in my house,’ and they said, ‘Call the police.’ I said, ‘Oh yes, yes, call the police,’ she said.

Sydnor says her first thought is to get out of the house. She recalls that she was scared, hiding in the bathroom whispering to 911 while planning to run away with her child.

“So I like to put her in the tub, I take the ladder and say, ‘No, no, stop, stop, calm down, you’re okay.’ I was going to go out the window, ”she said.

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Fearing for his own life, Sydnor does not intend to accept any chance. “I was on the phone with the dispatcher and he said, ‘Madam, what do you hear?’ I was like, ‘I heard someone coming down my stairs, so it was like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,’ she said.

Within minutes, she heard another explosion, but this time from the reactive police forced them to enter her home to try to arrest the intruder. “You hear the police, the police and then the scuffle, and then you hear laughter,” she said.

It turned out that the so-called robber was her robot vacuum cleaner.

“My son turns on the vacuum cleaner because he doesn’t want to do housework before leaving for the weekend. We have not used this vacuum for almost two years. It goes downstairs, ”she explained.

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She said her son had a timer on the vacuum and she didn’t know. The culprit cleaning had cost her a new door and a ton of drama for some of the floors now so clean. Thankfully, Sydnor now laughed at what happened that night, but she was definitely scared at the time to think it was a real robber.



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