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“Polls show a majority of Republicans mistakenly think the 2020 election is illegal”

Harry Enten for CNN:

After every election from 2004 to 2016, Pew Research Center asked voters whether they believed that votes across the country were accurately counted.

Voters giving candidates who lose in those elections have more confidence than Trump voters in the 2020 election results. In every election from 2004 to 2016, from 8% up to 14% of the losing candidate’s voters said they had absolutely no faith in the election to be legal. In 2016, only 11% of Hillary Clinton voters were completely insecure.

This means Republicans are somewhere between 40 points and 50 points this time around to say they don’t trust the results more than proponents of any losing candidate in the near term. here.

The big difference this time is that the losing candidate openly doubts the outcome many times.

Republican doubts emerge despite having a clear margins for Biden in revolving countries make a difference. Trump should have won at least three states he lost more than 10,000 votes (a vote in which he lost more than 20,000) to keep Biden from reaching 270 electoral votes.

Trump profitable than Clinton in Biden-like pivot states more than Trump in percentage points, but Clinton voters have nowhere nearly as much as doubting the outcome.

Trump’s false accusations have certainly changed the way Republicans think about who should be able to vote. Last month, Pew asked Americans whether citizens should prove they really want to vote by registering ahead of time or whether everything should be done to make it easy for every citizen to vote.

Today, only 28% of Republicans say everything should be done to make it easier for citizens to vote. That compares with 71% of people who say citizens have to prove they really want to vote.

Back in 2018 (before Trump died), the split was much closer with 48% of Republicans believing voting should be as easy as possible with 51% of those who thought voters had to prove it. there.

(Democrats, in comparison, barely turn to the question, with 85% saying voting should be done as easily as possible. It was 84% ​​in 2018).

The only thing that really changes from 2018 to 2021 is the 2020 elections.



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