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Primary math questions confuse adults

NEED something to keep your brain working this Wednesday morning? We only have one thing.

Parents have been confused by a series of tough math questions – but you don’t need a degree to solve them because they are meant for elementary school students.


Can you calculate how many triangles there are in this figure?Credit: .

According to the E-mail onlineQuestions were posed by Chris Hogbin, education leader at math software solutions company, 3P Learning, from New South Wales.

But while they’re for the young, the tough questions are proving a challenge for even the smartest mothers and fathers.

Reckon can you pass the test? Scroll down to answer the questions, the answers can be found at the bottom of the page, but don’t cheat!

1 How many triangles are there in this picture?

Questions at elementary school confuse parents


Questions at elementary school confuse parentsCredit: Alamy

In the first question, the solvers were asked to calculate how many triangles appear in this figure.

Most of the people taking the test will be able to spot at least four, but can you figure out how many actually there are?

2 What is a fruit supplement for?

Can you work out the value of the fruit to solve the equation?


Can you calculate the value of the fruit to solve the equation?Credit: .

The second question asks you to do a little mental math.

You can only find the answer to the third question by working in reverse to calculate the value of each fruit.

But can you find the value of a fruit salad?

3 8 + 2×4 ÷ 2

The key to solving this equation is to change the order in which they are solved.

Mathematicians say to find the correct answer is to read it as ‘8 + ((2 x 4) ÷ 2)’

If you mix the equation in any other way, you’ll always get the wrong answer (you’ll need to go back to the BODMAS days to keep this theory in mind).

But can you answer it correctly?

Answer …

1 There are 12 triangles in total

The answer is 31. An apple is 20, a banana is 18, and a cherry is two.

The answer is 12.

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