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Prince Harry and William WILL be reunited before Philip’s funeral when they meet in person for the first time ‘in a year’

CAUSE William and Harry will be reunited before their grandfather’s funeral when they first meet in a year.

The Royal family prepares to reunite before they begin the funeral procession behind Prince Philip’s coffin this afternoon.

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Prince William and Harry will meet before they step behind their grandfather’s coffinCredit: Getty Images – Getty

It is assumed that the two brothers have not spoken to face to face since Harry returned to the UK for the funeral.

And so the gathering in the State Entrance Hall before the Duke of Edinburgh coffin was brought from the State Gate would be their first face-to-face meeting.

The overcast setting means the couple are said to have settled their dispute – caused by Prince Harry’s move to the US and an interview with Oprah – until after the funeral.

Event will be different from any other royal funeral after Covid made the family eliminate all traditions.

Only 30 funerals will attend to honor Britain’s longest serving spouse.

According to Covid’s regulations, all people entering the chapel will wear a mask and all members of the Royal Family will be seated two meters apart.

The official seat plans will be announced today, so it’s not certain if the Queen will have someone from the HMS Bubble comfort her.

All royals will wear morning coats with medals or day outfits after fear Prince Harry will be the only senior male in other royal dress.


The ritual arrangements for the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral are set to reflect the military ties and personal factors of his life.

  • 11 a.m : The coffin, to be covered to Philip’s personal standards with his sword, navy cap and a wreath, will be moved from home by members of The Queen’s Company, 1st Battalion of Grenadier Guards private prayer to the Interior Hall of Windsor Castle.
  • 2:00 pm: Lord Chamberlain, the Council and Governor of Windsor Castle and the Dean of Windsor will be at the Inner Hall.
  • 2.10 pm: The dean will pray before departing by car to St George’s Chapel.
  • 2:15 pm: Representatives from the service were placed at Quadrangle to show Philip’s special military ties. Quadrangle will also be ranked by Cavalry Guard and Guard Team.
  • Between 2.20 pm and 2.27 pm: Royal members and relatives of Philip who did not attend the procession will leave Windsor Castle by car to make the journey to the chapel.
  • 2.27 pm. The Land Rover, where the coffin is located, enters the Quadrangle via George IV Gate, where the venue’s bands begin to play music. The police chiefs, Major General in command of the Ministry of Protection and his staff left the Equatorial Entrance and assumed their positions by the State Gate. The men took positions on either side of the Land Rover and together headed for the State Entrance.
  • 2.38 pm: The coffin was raised in the Great Hall
  • 2.41 pm: The coffin appeared from the State Entrance and was met by members of the royal family who were walking in processions. Service teams, captains, hat-bearers, Major General in command of the Household Army and his staff will give a royal greeting. The coffin is placed on a Land Rover.
  • 2.44 pm: The Queen, accompanied by a woman waiting, exits the Entrance of the Sovereignty on a Bentley of the State when the national anthem is played. The Bentley stops when it reaches the back of the procession so that the front part of the procession can face the direction of travel.
  • 2.45 pm: The procession, scheduled to last eight minutes, begins.
  • 2.53 pm: Land Rover reaches the foot of the West Stairway of the chapel.
  • 3 pm: The State’s moment of silence, signaled by a shot of The King’s Troop’s Royal Horse Artillery, took place.
  • After a minute of silence, the Principal of Windsor and Archbishop Canterbury received the coffin followed by members of the royal family, who had been walking in processions. end of Nave.
  • After the ceremony, the Queen, along with royal members and relatives of Philip, will leave the chapel via the Galilee Terrace.

Service will begin with a ceremonial procession, departing from the state entrance at 2:45 pm with The Prince of Wales and members of The royal family next walking behind Philip’s coffin.

All eyes will be on the battle Harry and Wills, the two of whom will face off for the first time since the ex left the UK for a new life in California.

The once close couple has not been seen together at a public engagement ceremony since last March when tensions flared up.

This is also the first time they have met in person since Harry and Meghan Markle’s blockbuster interview with Oprah Winfrey.

In his all-telling conversation, Harry sensationally states that his brother has been “trapped” in the royal family.

But before the funeral, the couple said they wanted to date talk about Philip, rather than their dispute.

β€œTo be fair, both William and Harry made it clear that they wanted to focus on mourning their grandfather and didn’t want anything to stop it,” said one insider.

“But it makes people twice as nervous to say anything that can be understood from afar is criticizing the other side. It’s a minefield.”

Visitors will also be prohibited from singing at the service due to coronavirus rules, but a choir will perform.

The singers’ choir will include three lay secretaries in the St George Chapel choir and a soprano.

And singers will be seated 30-way away from the association, in accordance with Covid’s rules.

The couple will not walk side by side in the procession


The couple will not walk side by side in the processionCredit: Getty
The Royal Family pays homage to Prince Philip as they reveal the ‘unique touches’ the Duke has planned for his funeral.



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