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Prince Harry had a talk with William and Charles after the couple asked to meet him together so that ‘can’t misunderstand words’

CAUSE Harry spoke to William and Charles after the couple asked to meet him together so the words could not be misinterpreted, a royal said.

The Duke of Sussex returned to the UK last week to visit his grandfather, Prince Philip’s, funeral on Saturday, where he saw William for the first time in a year.

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Prince William and Prince Charles have met with Prince Harry to make sure that no words are ‘misinterpreted’.Credit: Getty – Contributor
Prince Harry arrived in the UK last week to attend Prince Philip's funeral


Prince Harry arrived in the UK last week to attend Prince Philip’s funeralCredit: PA

They are seen walking solemnly behind their grandfather’s coffin – separated by their cousin Peter Phillips – while the world is watching.

Live meetings were held on the grounds of Windsor Castle after serving the Duke of Edinburgh over the weekend.

A royal source said Prince William and father Charles met together with Harry to make sure everyone fully understood each other.

“It is clear that after the worldwide failure of the interview Oprah’s trust must be rebuilt,” a senior royal insider told E-mail online.

“There was no official wake-up after the funeral, but Charles, William and Harry got the chance to speak and meet face to face after months apart.

“They were only able to be together for a short time outdoors with Covid’s restrictions and also had no staff, including the high-ranking courtiers, eavesdrop on what was being said.

“It is important to Charles and William that they are both there together.

“It means nothing that is said about could be misinterpreted in the future.”

It comes as:

According to another royal source, the negotiations were held as a “little step” towards reconciliation following Harry and Meghan’s all-recounting interview with Oprah Winfrey in March.

“There is a lot of pain and hurt for both sides, so this reconciliation will happen in small steps,” the source told Mail Online.

“First, they need to decide some basic rules about how they will conduct business in the future in a way that makes all parties feel safe and protected.”

Charles and William have been supported by the Queen to resolve the situation with Harry.

The queen explained: “The Queen made it clear to the senior advisers that she merged with Charles and William, and was very disappointed with the aspects of Harry and Meghan’s interview.”

It comes after it has been reported that Prince William needs to know any future negotiations with his brother going private after the Gayle King revealed their family chats were ineffective.

Based on Vanity FairA family friend said Harry experienced fatigue from loved ones after a 90-minute explosive conversation.

It was thought that the family was upset because of Meghan’s best friend King revealed Harry spoke to his brother and Prince Charles after the interview – but “fruitless” conversations.

A source said: “Harry was in the cold after Oprah and then when details of private family chats were revealed to Gayle King, it was the last straw.

“Some family members couldn’t believe what he did, but got the feeling that with the Duke and his family’s death drawn together, there was a need for conversation.”

The magazine claims William spent “alone time” with Harry walking around the Queen’s private garden after Saturday’s ceremony.

It also stated that Prince Charles was “desperate” about a reconciliation with his son while William was “more hesitant”.

A source added: “William needs to know that he can trust Harry and that private chats will remain private.”

The source also said that William and other family members “have some very strong feelings about some of the things Harry and Meghan said on Oprah”.

They added: “Everything needs to be said, but this is not the occasion and everyone respects that.

“It will take longer than being awake to sort things out, but this is hopefully a start.”

It happened after news that Prince Charles sent the car away after Philip’s funeral to give Harry and William a chance to talk.

Dickie Arbiter – the most famous of the Queen’s former press secretaries – said Charles would want his sons to ‘break the ice’.

And he said to Good Morning Britain: “They are logically animated from what we can see.

“The cameras weren’t on them long, but we’ve seen them have a certain amount of animated dialogue.”

While, Prince Harry “brings self-security” from America and was met with Scotland Yard security guards as he landed in the UK for Prince Philip’s funeral.

And Royal fans were convinced by Harry and Meghan will name their little girl Lily in tribute to the Queen.

Prince Charles ‘intends to take his son Harry for a walk around Windsor to see the gifts for the Duke of Edinburgh’



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