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Prince Philip Funeral Update – Kate Middleton shares sweet photo of the Duke and Queen with their niece


Princess Eugenie has expressed sincere gratitude to her “dearest grandfather”, the Duke of Edinburgh, pledging to take care of the Queen’s “Grandmother” for him.

Looking back on happier days, the princess, 31, who gave birth to her first child a few weeks ago, started a message to the duke on Instagram with: “Dearest grandfather, we all miss you. You will be very touched by all the contributions that have been shared with me over the past few days.

“People remember sitting next to you for a dinner, or shaking your hand once, people remembering you saying hello when passing, or remembering what their DofE award means to them. I remember learning how to cook, draw pictures, read what. I remember I laughed at your jokes and asked about your life and spectacular service in the navy.

“I remember I burned the sausage and you swooped in to save time. I miss your hands and your laughter and your favorite beer. I will miss you among your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“Thank you for your dedication and love for all of us and especially Granny, with whom we will take care of you. With all my love, Eugenie. “



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