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Prince Philip’s Funeral: The Duke of Edinburgh in peace | UK News

Queen Elizabeth II bid farewell to her late husband, Prince Philip, at a royal funeral restricted by coronavirus rules.

The Duke of Edinburgh, who died at age 99 on April 9, was buried in the Royal Tunnel at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle after a 50-minute ceremony attended by just 30 guests. .

The queen, 94, was seen for the first time since his death, cutting a solitary figure, sitting in a mourning suit, with a black trimmed white mask. Close family, also masked, sits away from society in the historic 15th-century Gothic chapel.

Philip, described by the royals as the “grandfather of the nation”, is Britain’s longest serving royal spouse and has been married to the queen for 73 years.

The last high-ranking royal funeral is for the queen’s mother, who died in 2002, at the age of 101.

But unlike then, when more than a million people gathered outside Westminster Abbey in central London to watch the color contest, the public was significantly absent from Saturday’s ceremony.

The coronavirus pandemic was forced to hastily revise plans that were thoroughly maneuvered for the duke’s death, codenamed “Operation Forth Bridge,” stripping public elements to prevent crowds from gathering.

Government guidelines limit the number of funerals, and a quartet perform the hymns the duke has chosen in a barren space stripped of seats.



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